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butN: Privacy Policy

This policy relates to butN Limited, (hereinafter referred to as butN), a FedEE Services Limited company, Broad Quay, Prince Street, Bristol BS1 4DJ, UK.

This policy should be read in conjunction with butN’s general terms of use – to which it falls part.

All personal data carried on butN systems or provided by or through butN services shall be handled in compliance with the EU Data Protection Directive (1995), relevant national laws arising from it and similar laws in jurisdictions where our data is available and/or we operate. It shall also be in compliance with confidentiality laws and legal precedents. Commercially sensitive data and information relating to personal, commercial or national security shall be held and processed in a secure way.

For the purposes of such compliance personal data relates to written, verbal, telephonic and graphic material, photographs, drawings, videos, voice recordings and other personal data of all kinds which allow a specific individual to be identified or an identification to be deduced. The home state where such data is held and processed shall be the United Kingdom.

Age limitations

All butN users must be at least 18 years old. No data will knowingly be collected by butN in respect to any person aged less than 18 years old. ButN users are free to refer to such persons in their communications, but not in any way that is harmful, vulgar or otherwise inappropriate. If you become aware of such communications please notify us on

Data storage and processing

All users hereby authorize butN to collect, transfer, translate, convert, manipulate, store, disclose and otherwise process all data for which they have personal data protection and legal privacy protection. This data will be primarily processed in the United Kingdom, but shall be made available potentially in all countries of the world. Personal images, names, job titles and contact details within butN shall be listed within our systems and displayed on our website(s). However, no telephone numbers, email addresses or chatroom identifiers will be made publically available to other users. Users to our main service (other than in relation to events) will only in the first instance be able to send a request through a standard communication to other users asking if they are willing to communication jointly with them. If the request is not reciprocated then no exchange can take place. Once accepted into a “chatroom mode” both parties will remain only able to communicate via the butN system and will not have other means of communication unless they either already have contact details for each other or reveal them to each other.

Data availability

No personal data shall be provided to our commercial partners without your express permission except in an aggregated statistical form containing no individual identifiers.

Each user will be given the choice - once contact has been made with another butN user - to ask the system to make them invisible to that specific user.

We reserve the right to use any contact information you provide to us to send you information about our services or to market to you.

Tracking and selection

A facility is provided for users to identify their location via a satellite navigation system (GPS) or other means. This may be left on as a default or replaced by a manual location identifier by the user. Users should be aware, however, that the functionality of butN services may be reduced if the GPS or related options are not chosen.

In order that users can decide the categories of people they wish to network with a range of choices are provided which allows, for instance, a female user only to network with other women.

Security controls

butN systems incorporate a number of security features to ensure the safety of personal data. These include special protocols for the protection of financial data submitted to our services or partner financial institutions.

We may need to verify the identity and authorization rights of those establishing butN services on behalf of organisations. Representatives of organisations placing data onto butN websites take sole responsibility for all personal and commercial privacy liabilities which may arise because of- - or coincidental to – their actions.

ButN may monitor your communications, for legal, security, quality/systems improvement and training purposes. We may also track how users interact with links that exist within our website(s) and with other external services. We will collate and analyse statistical data relating to website usage and may examine in detail specific differences in website activity

It is a rule of the butN community that all users must access our services strictly on their own behalf. However, if individual users have their contact details posted onto butN websites on their behalf it shall be assumed by us that they have been notified prior to this action by the party(ies) placing their details online and given full consent to it. Furthermore, we shall assume that users who choose to download their details from another website do so in the full knowledge of the security and data protection implications involved and thereby also consent to the holding of such data on butN systems. We take no responsibility whatsoever for any security, data protection, confidentiality, human rights, employment law, labour relations or other legal problems that may arise by or due to these actions.


By placing personal details onto butN online systems for internal communications, commercial or event purposes corporate representatives and individual users accept that the data will appear in the public areas of the butN website as well as in any appropriate closed corporate forums/arenas, user groups and event announcements. If any user should wish to minimize their visibility in the public areas of butN systems they may do so by disabling the GPS facility on their ‘My profile” or “My account” sections, as applicable

All individual butN users shall have full subject access rights as set out under applicable data protection laws in the jurisdictions where they work and/or reside.


We may use cookies in order to improve our understanding of traffic frequency, repetition and routing. It may be possible to instruct your computer or browser to prevent such use, although this may affect the quality of the services you receive. Similarly, we may identify your IP address, operating system and other technical and personal features, including widgets placed on third-party sites. These rights equally apply to third-party service providers butN uses to develop, monitor and improve its services.

Data Transfers

Information contained within butN systems may be transferred to any third party on your specific instruction or if butN enters into a contractual relationship with a third-party organization to perform services for it or on its behalf. We may also provide data to our advertising associates or clients after we have removed all specific relevant identifiers or aggregated the data. To the extent that this involves the international transfer of personal data butN shall ensure compliance with appropriate laws and codes of practice. This includes compliance, if necessary, with “safe harbor” rules.

We reserve the right to disclose any information necessary to third parties in the event that we are concerned about personal safety or suspect the infringement of our terms of use, or any national or international law, regulation or instruction issued by a state body.

ButN may transfer your data to another organization if it is involved in a business transfer, takeover, merger or in the event of insolvency.

Users shall reduce their privacy rights by freely making public personal data. We may modify personal data submitted to our systems and suspend, deactivate or delete the data with good reason.


We may modify, revise or replace this policy at any time. If we do so we shall make it clear in the text of the new policy. You shall remain bound by the new policy.


The UK Data Protection Act 1998 requires every organisation that processes personal information to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). This shall fall under the registration held by our parent organisation FedEE Services Limited


If any issues should arises concerning personal or commercial privacy a butN member should report the matter to us at and we shall investigate it at the earliest opportunity.

If a butN user or any other party wishes to make a complaint concerning privacy they should send their complaint in writing to customer marking it “Complaint” in the subject line. We will acknowledge receipt on the same or next working day and issue a response within 7 working days. During this time we shall seek to ensure that no privacy problem is ongoing and that our procedures are tightly enforced and monitored. Complaints that remain unresolved after 28 working days may be referred to the UK Information Commissioner.

ButN Limited / FedEE Services Limited September 24th 2014.

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