Telegram and Helika Gaming Launch $50M Gaming Accelerator Featuring Notcoin

In a groundbreaking move destined to shape the future of the gaming industry, Telegram and Helika Gaming have jointly launched a $50 million gaming accelerator. A focal point of this ambitious initiative is the introduction of Notcoin, a cryptocurrency designed to revolutionize in-game transactions and player incentives. This accelerator aims to support innovative game developers and foster the growth of cutting-edge gaming technologies.

The Partnership

The collaboration between Telegram, a leading messaging app with over 500 million active users, and Helika Gaming, a major player in the gaming industry, marks a significant milestone. By pooling resources and expertise, both companies aim to create an ecosystem where game developers can thrive and where blockchain technology takes center stage.

Telegram’s extensive experience in building robust, scalable digital platforms complements Helika Gaming’s deep understanding of the gaming landscape. Their joint venture is expected to drive innovation and bring a myriad of opportunities to developers and gamers alike.

The $50 Million Accelerator

The primary goal of the $50 million accelerator program is to identify and support promising game development projects. The accelerator will offer a blend of financial support, technical mentorship, and marketing assistance to selected developers. By providing a conducive environment for creativity and technical excellence, the accelerator aims to bring about groundbreaking games that can leverage the advantages of blockchain technology.

The funds will be allocated to projects based on their potential impact, innovation quotient, and the ability to integrate Notcoin into their gaming ecosystems. This substantial financial support is expected to lower entry barriers for small and medium-sized developers, enabling them to bring bold ideas to fruition.

What is Notcoin?

Notcoin is a cryptocurrency specifically tailored for the gaming industry. With the backing of Telegram’s blockchain infrastructure, Notcoin aims to offer secure, decentralized financial transactions within games. Players will be able to earn, trade, and spend Notcoin seamlessly across different gaming platforms, providing a unified experience that transcends traditional in-game currencies.

Notcoin brings several advantages to the table. By leveraging blockchain’s transparency and security features, Notcoin offers a more trustworthy and tamper-proof transaction environment. It also encourages a thriving secondary market where players can trade in-game assets with real-world value.

The Potential Impact

This accelerator program has the potential to bring about a paradigm shift in the gaming industry. Here are some of the key impacts expected:

  • Enhancing Developer Opportunities: By providing both financial and technical support, the accelerator will empower developers to experiment with innovative concepts without the constraint of limited resources.
  • Blockchain Adoption: With Notcoin at the core of the initiative, the program aims to mainstream blockchain technology within the gaming industry, making transactions more secure and efficient.
  • Player Engagement: The integrated use of Notcoin can enhance player engagement by offering real-world value within games, creating an ecosystem where players are more invested.


The launch of the $50 million gaming accelerator by Telegram and Helika Gaming, featuring Notcoin, is a forward-thinking initiative that promises to reshape the landscape of the gaming industry. By combining Telegram’s technological robustness with Helika Gaming’s industry expertise, and introducing Notcoin, the accelerator is set to unlock new horizons for developers and gamers alike, fostering an era of more secure, engaging, and innovative gaming experiences.