Cocaine Bear Review: A Dark Comedy Inspired by a Bizarre True Story

Cocaine Bear Review

Elizabeth Banks’ latest film, “Cocaine Bear,” has generated significant buzz and controversy ahead of its release. The movie tells the true story of a black bear that ingested large amounts of cocaine that was dropped from a drug smuggler’s plane, leading to the bear’s bizarre and untimely demise. But “Cocaine Bear” is not just a retelling of a strange and tragic animal story; it is also a darkly comedic exploration of human greed, addiction, and the lengths people will go to for a shot at quick wealth.

The film has already received reviews from several notable publications. Let’s take a closer look at what critics are saying about “Cocaine Bear.”

IGN: Gory, Maniacal, and Hilarious

IGN’s review of “Cocaine Bear” describes the film as gory, maniacal, and often just straight-up hilarious [1]. The review goes on to say that the kills in the film work because of their over-the-top nature and that the movie’s humor is infectious. Overall, the reviewer seems to suggest that “Cocaine Bear” is an entertaining and fun watch.

Tom’s Guide: Ray Liotta and a Rampaging Bear

Tom’s Guide’s review of “Cocaine Bear” focuses on the performances of the film’s cast, particularly Ray Liotta, who plays a criminal leader tasked with tracking down the missing cocaine [2]. The review calls the movie a “wild ride” and praises the CGI bear for being surprisingly convincing. While the review does not delve deeply into the themes of the film, it does suggest that the movie is an enjoyable watch.

The New York Times: Capturing Lightning in a Bottle

The New York Times’ review of “Cocaine Bear” takes a slightly different approach. The review describes the film as having the feel of an inside joke, consistently inviting the viewer to laugh at it [3]. However, the reviewer also suggests that the movie may not be for everyone, noting that some may find the humor too dark and the violence too extreme. Overall, the review is cautiously positive, suggesting that the film is an interesting experiment in dark comedy.

Rotten Tomatoes: Audience Reviews

While professional reviews of “Cocaine Bear” are still relatively few in number, Rotten Tomatoes already has a section for audience reviews [4]. As of the movie’s release date, there are no featured audience reviews, but this section will likely be updated as more people see the film. It will be interesting to see if the movie’s humor and violence resonates with viewers.

The Hollywood Reporter: Infectious, No-Apologies Entertainment

The Hollywood Reporter’s review of “Cocaine Bear” is largely positive [5]. The review calls the movie “infectious” and “no-apologies entertainment,” noting that it is not afraid to take risks in terms of its humor and violence. The review suggests that the film may not be for everyone, but it also states that “Cocaine Bear” is a “bold and daring movie” that will likely generate a lot of discussion.

Final Thoughts: “Cocaine Bear” is Not for Everyone

Based on the reviews so far, it seems that “Cocaine Bear” is a polarizing film that will not appeal to everyone. The movie’s humor is dark, its violence is extreme, and its subject matter is bizarre. However, for those who are willing to take a chance on a daring and unconventional film, “Cocaine Bear” may be an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience.

At its core, “Cocaine Bear” is a meditation on human greed and the corrupting influence of drugs. The film’s main character, a drug smuggler named Andrew Carter, drops a bag of cocaine from his plane after being pursued by the police. The cocaine falls into a forest, where it is discovered by a black bear. The bear consumes the drugs and proceeds to go on a rampage, killing several people and causing chaos in a nearby town. As a result, Carter and his associates set out to find the missing cocaine, leading to a violent confrontation with the police and a tragic conclusion.

While the story is based on a true event, the movie takes significant liberties with the facts. In reality, the bear’s death was caused by an overdose of anesthetic, not cocaine. However, the film’s fictionalized version of events is effective in illustrating the destructive effects of drug abuse on both humans and animals.

One of the most intriguing aspects of “Cocaine Bear” is its use of humor. The movie’s dark and irreverent tone is reminiscent of classic black comedies like “Dr. Strangelove” and “Fargo.” However, the film’s humor is also a source of controversy. Some critics have accused the movie of making light of serious issues like drug addiction and animal cruelty. Others have praised the film for its willingness to take risks and its ability to find humor in even the most dire of situations.

Overall, “Cocaine Bear” is a movie that will not be to everyone’s tastes. However, for those who are willing to give it a chance, it is a unique and entertaining experience that is sure to spark discussion and debate. With its blend of humor, violence, and social commentary, “Cocaine Bear” is a movie that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

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